Unleashing the Power of Split Action

Unveiling the Power of Split Action

We are delighted to introduce the newest feature of our suite, Split Action. This incredible tool can amplify your marketing efforts and sales automation strategies by providing an avenue to analyze and optimize diverse workflow paths.

Types of Split Action

Currently, our primary split action feature is the Random Split.

Harness the Power of Random Split

The core purpose of the Random Split is to divide your contacts into separate paths based on a random percentage distribution. This empowers you to test multiple variations of your workflow and identify which one performs most effectively.

The Random Split feature offers you the following capabilities:

  • Segmentation: Divide contacts into different paths with custom-defined percentages (e.g., 60% to Path A, 40% to Path B).
  • Paths Creation: Generate up to five distinct paths for your contacts to traverse.
  • Path Naming: Rename each path to precisely depict its purpose.
  • Metrics: Accurately track the number of contacts entering and completing each path and their resultant conversions.

Incorporating the Split action into your workflow is straightfoward.

  1. Click on the “+” icon to add an action and select “Split” from the “Internal Tools” category. A Split action screen will greet you.


  1. Select “Random Split” from the Distribution Type dropdown.


  1. Update the default “Path A” and “Path B” names to suit your campaign. Specify the percentage of contacts you want each path to accommodate (total must equal 100%).


  1. Generate up to five separate paths. To remove an unnecessary path, just click on the “X” icon next to the potential outlier.


  1. To check the contacts distribution across paths, click on the “Statistics” icon.


Real Life Application

Imagine you’re an e-commerce store owner selling fresh pairs of running shoes. You’re contemplating between two email subject lines: “Fuel Your Run with the Ultimate Shoe” and “Unleash Your Speed: Our Game-Changing Shoes.”

By leveraging the Random Split action, you can distribute your mailing list into two (say, 75/25). Send the “Fuel Your Run” email to 75% of the list and the “Unleash Your Speed” email to the other 25%. Monitor website visits, purchase rates, and other pertinent metrics for each path.

After a specified period, you can then analyze the outcomes and assess which subject line led to superior engagement and sales. With these results, you’re equipped with data-backed evidence to discern the best-performing message to utilize in succeeding campaigns.

Important Considerations

Although the Split Action feature is extremely adaptable and powerful, one important thing to remember is that once a contact follows a path, that becomes their sole trajectory. Even if they re-enter the action, they will always default to the original path.

See this new feature in action and discover how it can supercharge your engagement strategy by requesting a demo on our website.