Unlock Limitless Potential with Our Enhanced Coupon Code Capabilities

Dynamize Your Affiliate Activities With Enhanced Coupon Code Capabilities

Revolutionize your affiliate strategy with our innovative update! You can now craft and control enticing coupon codes, ranging from 0-100% discounts, to boost lead conversion and engagement. This dynamic feature is your secret weapon – driving traffic, skyrocketing your conversions, and ushering both affiliate and you to unparalleled growth.

By eliminating cost uncertainties, you open up a raft of benefits:

  1. No Barrier to Entry: You eliminate financial hesitations, making it easier to capture leads.
  2. Higher Conversion Rates: Free services encourage users to take the leap, potentially boosting conversion rates.
  3. Expanded Audience Appeal: Free services are universally attractive as they circumvent monetary constraints.
  4. Credibility Boost: Offering a free yet valuable service reinforces your trustworthiness among potential audiences.
  5. Encourages Adoption: Free trials often lead to higher usage rates, and potentially, upsell opportunities later.
  6. Easy To Promote: Promoting a free service is always simpler and more appealing.
  7. Shorter Sales Funnel: Removing payment processes streamlines the user conversion, speeding up the sales cycle.
  8. Upselling Opportunities: Experiencing firsthand the benefits of a free service, users may consider upgrading or buying related products.
  9. Brand Exposure: A strategically promoted free service amplifies your brand visibility.
  10. Positive User Feedback and Reviews: A high-quality free offering often garners positive feedback, enhancing your sectoral reputation.
  11. Long-Term Relationship Building: Introducing users to a stellar free service paves the way for sustainable relationships and future affiliate sales.

How To Create Affiliate Coupons For Each Campaign?

This feature provides affiliates a unique tool to give your offerings either as a free service or at full price.

To exploit this coupon code feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Marketing > Affiliate Manager
  2. Access any specific affiliate in the Affiliate/Promoter module.
  3. Initiate the “create new coupon” option.
  4. Select your campaign from the dropdown list
  5. Input an identifiable coupon name
  6. Generate the coupon code by clicking ‘generate’
  7. Choose your discount type (from 0 to 100%), with 0% used for tracking affiliates, and 100% for offering free services
  8. Verify the coupon code by accessing the relevant campaign and coupon code in the affiliate dropdown.



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