Unveiling a Major Enhancement: Mobile Responsive Editing in Funnel and Website Builder

Unveiling a Major Enhancement: Mobile Responsive Editing in Funnel and Website Builder

We are excited to announce the introduction of a valuable upgrade to our line height settings for all elements in the Funnel and Website Builder. The new features offer advanced customization options, allowing you to determine different line alignments for both mobile and desktop views. This development assures both optimal design and readability across all devices.

A result of invaluable user feedback, this overhaul of various text elements within the platform ensures a streamlined and optimized experience for mobile users.

New Features

Universal Line Height Control

Now, with ease, you can regulate the line height for the text within all elements, including but not limited to, headlines, paragraphs, and bullet lists.

Responsive Settings

Our enhanced features allow you to customize the line height for individual desktop and mobile views, keeping readability and design integrity intact across different platforms.

Some Example Use Case of This Feature

Variable uses for these enhanced capabilities include:

  • Enriching the appearance of long-form articles by adjusting the spacing within paragraphs.
  • Amplifying the clarity of bullet points with customized line height.
  • Improve the visual appeal of headlines through strategic deployment of spacing adjustments.

Major Pain Point Solved

No longer will there be a need to create multiple sections and adjust line height across various devices.

How to Use

To adapt the line height of an element in the new funnel builder for enhanced responsiveness across different devices, please follow the below steps:

  1. Select the desired element in the funnel builder, such as a headline, paragraph, faq, etc.
  2. Navigate to the element settings and find the line height option.
  3. Adjust the line height for desktop, this change will automatically apply to mobile devices.
  4. Switch to the mobile view by clicking on the desktop icon.
  5. Tailor the line height specifically for mobile. Note: this adjustment will not alter the line height on desktop.
  6. To make additional changes to the line height on desktop, switch back to desktop view and execute the necessary adjustments. These changes will only affect line height on the desktop view.

Example Image
Example Image

For additional product updates, please visit our product updates page. In case you missed our last article on mobile enhancement, you can find it here. We are here to listen to your feedback. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.