Unveiling the Stellar Enhancements to Our Communities Feature

Introducing Stellar Enhancements to Our Communities Feature 🌟

We're excited to unravel a suite of updates aimed to significantly elevate your experience with our Communities feature.

🎖 Special Badges for Group Owners and Admins

We've introduced special badges that clearly identify group owners and administrators. This visual marker not only acknowledges their significant roles, but also enables members to effortlessly identify community leaders with special rights.

👍 Enhanced Visibility for Like Lists

We've simplified the way users can see who has liked a post. By clicking on the like icon, you can now easily access the list of users who have liked a post, helping you to understand audience engagement with your posts and allowing you to deeply connect with your community members.

💻 User Onboarding Simplified

New users can now get a sneak-peek at our communities feature right after sign-up. This quick preview ensures new members can engage with communities instantly, paving the way for immediate interaction.

📱 Seamless Client Portal Login Experience

Logging into your account through the Client Portal has been enhanced for seamless access, even on mobile devices. We've optimized the login screen for mobile responsiveness, ensuring a smooth and effortless user experience, regardless of the device being used.

🔧 Upgrades to API and Database Functionality

Teething troubles affecting reactions APIs and our Mongo database have been tackled. These fixes pave the way for seamless interactions when expressing reactions and working with the backend database, ensuring you enjoy a reliable and smooth user experience.

⚙️ Backend Experience – More Robust and Standardised

We've refactored multiple endpoints and introduced a common interface to validate pagination parameters. These changes contribute towards a more standardised and robust backend experience.

👩‍💻 Frontend Service and Composition Enhancements

We've optimized the composition and service patterns for reactions, groups, and comments modules. These result in a smoother, more efficient, and overall more enjoyable user interface.

🐞 Bug Fix – No More Vanishing Groups

We've addressed and resolved an issue where groups would disappear when the owner's contact was removed. Now, no matter what, your groups will consistently stay visible, ensuring that important content and connections are never lost.

We wish you enjoy these updates and we're thrilled about more amazing features around the corner! 🎉

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