Unverified Toll-Free Numbers: Mandatory Registration Announced!

Upcoming Industry-Wide Changes: Toll Free Number Registration Necessity

As part of our commitment to maintaining an effective and trusted messaging system for our users, we wish to inform you about an important, industry-wide change set to take effect. Beginning on November 8, 2023, toll-free phone numbers in the US/Canada, referred to as restricted or ‘unverified’, will require mandatory registration.

Why is Registration Essential?

Regulation of toll-free numbers is crucial in combating spam and ensuring that your business experiences optimal daily sending limits. To avoid potential filtering and to safeguard your business communication, we recommend registering all toll-free numbers. Neglecting the registration may cause messages sent through unregistered numbers to be blocked. Please note, this may incur messaging fees with blocked messages returning Error 30032 or Error 30007.

It’s important to also be aware that the pending messaging limits may potentially change over time. However, rest assured that these guidelines will not impact outbound and inbound calls, even when your numbers are under review.

Registration Process Explained

Registering your toll-free number is quite a straightforward process. If you’re using Twilio, simply proceed through their console or reach out for support. Alternatively, once logged into your accounts:

  1. Navigate to the Phone Numbers tab under Account.
  2. Choose the Manage Numbers tab.
  3. Click on the three dots on the TF number.
  4. Opt for View NumberInfo.
  5. Proceed by following the Call-To-Action (CTA) in the Toll-Free section.

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 5

After completing these steps, your submission will enter the review stage as shown below:

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 6

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