Update Announced: Enhancements to the Communities Feature

Product Update: Enhancements to the Communities Feature

Our commitment at SMBcrm is to continuously improve the functionality and usability of our platform geared towards bettering your experience and productivity.

In line with this commitment, we are thrilled to announce several updates to the Communities feature.


Search Members by Email

The Communities feature has been tweaked to make the discovery of other members on the platform a straightforward process. Group Admins or Owners now have the added capability to easily search for specific individuals by inputting the member’s email ID in the search members option or while tagging them in comments and posts.

Leaderboard Update

To foster increased engagement and motivation within the Groups, we have opted to exclude Group Admins from the leaderboard. By doing so, we hope that non-admin members will be encouraged to generate and share high-quality content and engage more within the Communities.

Backend Caching

To streamline and optimize our services, we have added a layer of Redis cache on some extremely frequent database reads. This layer will significantly lower the read and compute time spent by service operations, thus enhancing the overall performance of the platform.

Bug Fixes

As we strive to refine our solutions, we have carried out several critical bug fixes:

  • A bug in the leaderboard calculation has been addressed to prevent point inflation for some users.
  • We’ve resolved known issues with the role-based filter in the members’ screen.
  • A recurring 5xx error in reactions API has been fixed.
  • We’ve optimized and removed several extremely heavy reads on the database.

These aforementioned updates are aimed at enhancing your experience on the SMBcrm platform. We continuously strive to make improvements so that our users can better capture, nurture, and close quality leads.

In case you missed it, check out our most recent product enhancement article regarding personalization and customization. As always, we appreciate your feedback and encourage you to contact us with any questions or suggestions.