Update Your Payment Method for Ongoing Subscriptions Easily – New Feature Alert

Update Your Payment Method for Ongoing Subscriptions Easily – New Feature Alert!

We have exciting news for our users – a new feature that’s been in high demand on our ideas board has been implemented: updating payment methods for ongoing subscriptions!

Seamless Subscription Management

This recent release allows business users to send out convenient links to their customers, enabling them to update the card information used for continuous subscription charges. This feature not only streamlines your subscription management but also provides your customers with an effortless experience in maintaining their accounts.

How to Utilize this Feature

Accessing this feature is straightforward – you can find the option to send the payment update link through the quick action menu on the subscription list page and the Actions section on the subscription details page.

Business users can choose to email the link directly to the customer or can copy the link to send it in a separate communication. It’s important to note that these links are single-use and only valid for 30 days.

All your customer has to do is click on the link, review their subscription details, and update their payment information. The new payment method will be charged starting from the next billing cycle.

For greater control, business users can generate multiple links for the same subscription and can deactivate all active links directly from the subscription page at any given time.

Please note that this feature is currently supported only for Authorize.net and NMI connections.

What’s Next?

We are continuously working on enhancing your user experience and are excited to announce that we will soon be adding compatibility for this feature with Stripe. Stay tuned for this update!


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