Updated Product: Enhanced Invoice Flexibility with Negative Priced Items

Product Update: Enhanced Invoice Flexibility with Negative Priced Items

From varied regions around the globe, there is an increasing demand for the ability to incorporate details such as advances, returns, or buybacks into invoices. This is not only for legal compliance, but also for integrating more exhaustive information for better customer experience.

What’s New in Invoicing

Our latest product update now allows you to create products within the invoicing interface that bear negative prices.

Sample invoice image displaying transaction details.

This means you could include returns or discounts directly into the invoice while giving it a cohesive product structure. Please note, however, that due to preservation of our current APIs, negatively priced products:

  • Will not be saved for later use
  • Cannot have taxes assigned to them

Despite these limitations, the mathematical calculations remain the same. Hence, the negative prices will be subtracted from the final total as shown below.

Screenshot of a digital invoice interface.

Why this Matters

This update offers two primary benefits:

  • Greater Flexibility: Users now have more leeway when creating invoices, allowing for customization and innovation.
  • Legal Compliance: With the inclusion of finer transaction details like buybacks or returns, staying legally compliant becomes easier and more intuitive!

For more information about our updates, you can visit our product updates section.

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