Upgrade to Schedule Synchronization System in SMBcrm

We are excited to announce a much-awaited upgrade to our schedule synchronization system. The upgrade addresses the limitation concerning the accurate synchronization of recurring events edited in Outlook.

What’s New?

In the previous system, modifications were applied only to the first event in a recurring series, resulting in discrepancies when changes were made within Outlook. With this enhancement, you will experience a significant improvement in the synchronization of your recurring events.

  • If you alter a single occurrence of a recurring event in Outlook…
  • If you choose ‘This and following events’…
  • Or if you modify all occurrences of a recurring event…

…all these changes will be accurately reflected in your SMBcrm account.

One of the benefits this improvement brings is consistency across platforms. This enhancement avoids miscommunication resulting from discrepancies in event detail. More importantly, it provides accurate slot availability, thus minimizing the chances of double bookings.

IMPORTANT: For this feature to work accurately, it’s crucial to disconnect and then reconnect your Outlook integration.

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