Upgrade Your Appointment Management Experience with All-New Widgets

We are delighted to share an exciting upgrade that aims to revolutionize your appointment management experience. Our provider offers us an update to the appointment module on our platform, featuring a suite of new widgets that provide a more seamless, efficient scheduling process.

All-New Appointment Widgets Just For You

Four new widgets have been added to enhance your overall experience:

Keep Track of Upcoming Appointments

This widget allows you to see the number of upcoming appointments tailored for you once you’re logged into your account. It offers a simple and efficient way to stay on top of your schedule. image

Plan Ahead with Upcoming Appointments for Next Week

This unique feature provides an overview of your bookings for the week ahead. This includes both confirmed and unconfirmed appointments, making future planning easier than ever.

Review With Last Month Created Appointments Widget

This widget allows for a retrospective look at your activities over the past month showing the total count of appointments created. It’s an effective tool for examining efficiency and identifying trends over time.

Personal Statistics at Your Fingertips

With the widget dedicated to monitoring the total appointments created in the past month for individual logged-in users, you can now quickly assess your personal stats, making it an excellent resource for individual performance analysis.

Empower your scheduling process with these new widgets designed to offer enhanced control and insights into your appointment management. We’re always striving to bring more practical updates for a better user experience.

Stay Tuned for More!

Keep an eye out on this space for more exciting updates. We are dedicated to enhancing your experience through these continuous upgrades.

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