Upgrade Your E-commerce Game with Enhanced Fulfillment and Tracking Features

Elevate Your E-commerce Performance with New Feature Updates

We're thrilled to announce a new feature update that will transform how you manage your e-commerce store. Now, seamlessly fulfill orders and share tracking details with your customers, all in one place.

Simplified Order Fulfillment

By default, all new orders placed on your online store will hold an 'Unfulfilled' status. However, you can now manually change the status to 'Fulfilled' upon completion of the order.

Fulfill Orders

Share Shipping Details Faster

With the new feature, you can provide customers with their order's shipping details instantly. Attach a tracking number, provider, and a URL for customers to check the status of their shipment.

Shipping Details

Transparent Record Keeping

Every time an order is marked as 'Fulfilled', the system will automatically generate an entry into the order details. This feature includes important information like the date of fulfillment, tracking details, and the number of fulfilled items.

Order Details

Our goal is always to make managing your business simpler. With these new updates, not only do you gain a comprehensive order management solution, but your customers also benefit from timely and accurate order status updates. Request a demo to experience these amazing features and elevate your e-commerce management to new heights.

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