Upgrade Your Opportunity Management with New Filters, Sorting Options, and Custom CSS/JS Support

Introducing Upgraded Opportunities: New Filters, Sorting Options, and Custom CSS/JS Support

We’re excited to announce the latest enhancements to our Opportunities feature, designed to help you manage your opportunities faster and more efficiently. With improved filters, new sorting options, and support for custom CSS/JS, you can take full control of your opportunities management.

Enhanced Filters and Improved Multi-Select Options

Our upgraded Opportunities feature offers new filters to help you find the information you need:

  • Last Stage Change (Date)
  • Updated on (Date)
  • Lead Value (Monetary)
  • Opportunity Won on (Date)
  • Opportunity Lost on (Date)

Additionally, we’ve improved filters by changing the option from single-select to multi-select for Owners, Status, and Campaign Type. You can now choose between the AND or OR relationship among multiple filters, giving you even more flexibility in targeting specific opportunities.


Filter Relationships

New Sort Option for Deal Value

You can now sort your opportunities by Deal Value in either ascending or descending order, making it easier to prioritize and focus on the most valuable opportunities.

Deal Value Sorting

Custom CSS and JS Support

Personalize and enhance the functionality of your Opportunity pages with the ability to embed custom CSS and JS. This added flexibility allows you to tailor the aesthetics and functionality of your pages according to your preferences and needs.

Custom CSS and JS

Monitor Export Status with Progress Bar

Keep track of the status of your Export actions using our convenient progress bar. No more guessing when your data will be ready!

Export Status

Activating the Upgraded Opportunities Feature

To start using the upgraded Opportunities feature:

  1. Go to Account Settings and navigate to Labs.
  2. Locate the option “Opportunities Page Enhancements – V1.”
  3. Toggle the switch to activate the enhancements.

Get ready to experience opportunity management like never before with our latest upgrades and features!

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