Upgrade Your Phone Numbers Management Experience

Say Hello to Sleek Upgrades for Phone Numbers Management

We're thrilled to present a sleek, intuitive upgrade to our phone numbers management framework. Ensuring consistency across our system's new features and modules, the View3 design language beautifully enhances the interface. Here, user-friendly and streamlined icons improve navigation within the web app.

We worked on the following upgrades to ensure you have an enjoyable and seamless experience operating with phone numbers.

Enhancements That Make a Difference

Intuitive Icons and Unified UI: By adopting the Vue3 Design Language, we've given our interface a fashionable revamp. The result is a united look, complemented by intuitive icons.

Smooth Organization for Numbers: We've simplified access by thoughtfully categorizing different numbers under distinct tabs. Plus, we've provided a single Call to Action (CTA) for adding numbers.

Visibility for “Number Type” Field: To simplify identification, all numbers now come with a “Number Type” field. This assists with quickly understanding their respective purposes.

Access to Purchase Date: Clients can now conveniently view the purchase date for each number, granting additional, need-to-know information at a glance.

Buy Numbers with Ease

The "Buy Number" flow has also undergone some significant improvements.

Search That Delivers: With our improved search functionality, you can see the Number Type and Capabilities in search results. To amplify your search, we've put in place filters based on Number Type, Capabilities, and Number Strings.

Effortless Refresh Results Feature: To facilitate a smoother process of acquiring the number you want, we're introducing the “Refresh Results” feature. Finding and purchasing your preferred numbers has never been so simple!

We invite you to experience this enhanced world of phone number management today. Harness the power of smart organization, intuitive display, and effortless searching to propel your operations forward.

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