WhatsApp Enhancements Streamlining Your Messaging Experience

WhatsApp Enhancements: Streamlining Your Messaging Experience

We’re excited to announce several key enhancements to our platform’s messaging capabilities. These are designed to streamline your experience, minimize confusion, and improve communication methods.

WhatsApp Subscription Check & Visibility

Navigating through countless features can sometimes create clutter. To ensure a more streamlined experience, we have introduced a WhatsApp subscription check on both conversation and contact pages. Now, the WhatsApp tab and the corresponding options in the message type filter dropdown will only appear if your location has an active WhatsApp subscription. This ensures you see only the features you need, helping you to manage your tasks more efficiently.

WhatsApp Subscription Check

Improved Outbound WhatsApp Number Selection

Previously, outbound messages would always use the default WhatsApp number configured in your settings. We have revised this method to make your communication process smoother and more personalized.

From now on, our system will attempt to prioritize the last used WhatsApp number for each conversation. This number is fetched from the customer’s most recent inbound message. However, if no recent inbound message exists, the system will use the default WhatsApp number as a fallback option.

Improved WhatsApp Number Selection

By addressing both these critical aspects, we hope to mitigate challenges associated with using multiple WhatsApp phone numbers and minimize instances of the 24-hour window closure error.

Enhanced Error Messaging for Seamless Communication

With our goal of providing you an improved user experience, we have enhanced error handling for Facebook error messages. These changes aim to inform you of more specific reasons for message failures in edge cases. Our aim is to save you time and keep your communication process hassle-free.

We can’t wait for you to experience these enhancements and look forward to your feedback. As always, we strive to provide you with an optimal platform experience that assists you in achieving your business objectives more efficiently.

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