WhatsApp Updates for SMBcrm Platform

We’re thrilled to announce several awesome enhancements and bug fixes to the WhatsApp communication experience on the SMBcrm platform. These updates are designed to deliver even smoother, more functional, and more reliable interactions between you and your contacts.


Real Time Update of Conversation Timestamp

Convenient accuracy is key when managing your communications. The timestamp in the Conversations tab now updates correctly after sending WhatsApp messages. This ensures you have an accurate record of every interaction, which is crucial in tracking and managing your communications history.

Customer support software interface with messaging window.

Last Activity Icon on the Contacts Page

To further enhance visibility into your interactions, the “Last Activity” column on the Contacts page now displays a WhatsApp icon if your most recent communication with a contact used WhatsApp. This replaces the previous generic email icon, offering a more precise representation of your communication channels.

Screenshot of a contact management interface.

Bug Fixes

In addition to our enhancements, we’ve resolved a series of bugs within the WhatsApp communication protocol. Here’s a list of what we’ve addressed:

  • New ability to set a WhatsApp number as the default.
  • Display of correct error message in case of update or creation failures in the WhatsApp template.
  • Appropriate error messaging when the WhatsApp integration process fails.
  • Ensuring backward compatibility for the attachment API in the WhatsApp Mobile API used in the mobile app.
  • Consistency with WhatsApp names on changes as reflected in the SMBcrm settings.
  • GHL variables in WhatsApp workflows being swapped with correct values rather than empty spaces.

Your experience is our priority and we’re constantly working to improve and enhance the platform for your business.

For a detailed guide on how to set up WhatsApp, please refer to our resources.

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