How to Create a Email Marketing Campaign

email marketing campaign
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Email marketing now has an ROI of 3200%! With a strong email marketing campaign, you can nurture leads to generate repeat sales. As a result, 87% of marketers plan to invest more in email marketing.

Not sure how to improve your email marketing campaigns? Read on for the tips you need today!

Research Your Audience

About 58% of adults check their emails first thing in the morning. About 72% prefer to receive promotional offers through emails. Understanding what your customers want can help you create an effective email campaign.

First, determine who your customers are by gathering demographic and psychographic research. Consider what pain points you can solve for your customers.

As you generate email subscribers, make sure to audit, segment, and clean your lists. Segmenting your lists will allow you to create personalized emails. Personalizing your offers can help you leverage the customer’s current wants and needs.

You could generate more leads and sales through email marketing if you focus on your customers over your business. In fact, personalization can improve your open rate by almost 42%. Your click-through rate will increase by 14% and conversions by 10%.

Update Your Website

To generate email subscribers, update your website to offer the best possible user experience. Confirm your website is:

  • Fast
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Secure
  • User-friendly

Audit your forms to confirm they’re easy to complete on all devices. Use a lead magnet to encourage more people to subscribe, too.

Establish Goals

Determine what goals you want to accomplish through your email marketing campaigns, such as:

  • Gaining brand recognition, trust, and loyalty
  • Generating more sales
  • Improving your ROI
  • Directing people to your blog content

Give each campaign a distinct goal. Your goal should be apparent through your subject lines, imagery, body text, and call to action.

If the consumer can’t determine the purpose of the email, they won’t complete the action you desire.

Craft Emails

Choose an email provider and start crafting your emails. Consider designing a reusable, branded template that’s clean and eye-catching. You can make adjustments to the template for each email you create.

Make sure the email footer includes your contact information, social media links, and company name.

Create a welcome email for new subscribers. Always use a professional email address.

Then, start creating targeted, personalized emails.

Take the time to improve your email subject lines. If people aren’t opening your emails, you’re not accomplishing your goals! Keep each subject line short, concise, yet compelling.

Within your emails, use branded images, a headline that highlights your offer, and a strong call to action. Test your emails before sending them out.

Analyze and Adjust

Once your email marketing campaigns are live, review the data! Determine:

  • What time/day open rates are highest
  • How many emails bounced
  • Which emails have the highest click-through rate

Reviewing this data will help you make improvements to your emails over time. Use automation to streamline the process.

Create the Perfect Email Marketing Campaign Today

A strong email marketing campaign can help you engage and nurture leads. Use these tips to get started. Don’t forget to gather the right tools for the job!

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